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New York, the city of freedom and the city that never sleeps, it is the largest in the United States and it is already among the three most populated urban areas in the world.

This wonderful and yet chaotic city represents the cosmopolitan, ethnic and multicultural life par excellence. Whether you're a lover of shopping, urban life, culture and entertainment or nightlife, this city has it all.

Spend a quiet afternoon in Central Park, walk its streets to get to Time Square or have the city at your feet from the Statue of Liberty! These are just some of the places you will visit when you start your adventure.

If what you're looking for is work, it is known as the city of opportunities mainly because it is one of the most important commercial and financial centres worldwide. And if you are interested in finding courses, schools or master degrees, this city offers a range of exciting possibilities in all sectors,

As in the rest of the cities, it is advisable to look for a good language school to start your trip, so that the language is not a barrier.

New York has it all, but it is also an expensive city to live in. The most recommended, especially at the beginning, is to share a flat in one of the neighbourhoods far from the centre because living in the most famous areas would leave you without cash. To get around it, it is advisable to do it by Metro or bus.

It has got a continental climate, summer is mild, cool temperatures and cold, wet and snowy winters.

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