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Los Angeles, famous worldwide for his film industry and home to thousands of celebrities and actors, it is the largest city in California.

If you are looking for work, this city has high demand, especially in the industries of music, film, television and art.

It has many universities agreements with universities around the world.

Visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills or any of its many art galleries and music venues !these are some of the essential visits you will have when you settle here.

For nature and adventure lovers, Los Angeles offers many more leisure activities related to cinema, music and nightlife, California has many natural parks and endless water sports and extreme sports for everyone.

As for the language, whether your adventure is to work, to study a course or finish college it is a good idea to improve your English, you will need it!

Finding an apartment can be a difficult and expensive, so foreigners often share an apartment, live in residence or choose to live in the outskirts.

To get around it is recommendable to use the subway, bus or train.

It is a city with fantastic subtropical climate with many sunny days all the year and good temperatures in almost all seasons.

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