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Istanbul is the bridge between European and Asian cultures; it is the most populated city in Turkey and the largest in Europe.

With a large and very important university, good tourist and commercial environment, it has many historic areas declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Among the modern, the glitzy and the historical, find the Bosphorus Bridge connecting two continents, palaces or its busy streets in the centre with bazaars, markets and museums!

To get around the city you can do so by bus, subway, train and tram, plus you can use ferry.

As for the language, it is advisable to learn Turkish once there in a language school, and having a high average level of English will help you at the beginning, whether you want to
work or study.

It has got temperate continental weather with humid summers and mild, and cold and rainy winters.

Experiences in İstanbul

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Thumb default Timoteo

6 months research

I stayed here 6 months doing some research for my work , it is amazing how Europe and Asia blends in this city. It is really safe, the crime rate lower than most of European capitals, food is great and people really welcoming

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28 Nov 2016
Thumb default Cipri

Ciudad para todos

Estambul es una ciudad muy grande, con un caos increíble y un tráfico mayor, pero es la mejor ciudad en la que he vivido fuera de España y aún sigo haciendo turismo en ella aunque llevo viviendo en ella dos años, ya que siempre ahí rincones nuevos que descubrir en ella. Recomiendo para vivir la parte occidental, pero ay buenos precios a las afueras de la parte oriental tb!!

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29 Jun 2016
Thumb default Rosario

born and raise here

My parents are english but i was born and raise here , Estambul is great and open minded Freedom of religion and a liberal attitude are common aspects of life in Turkey’s largest city. Although the majority of the population is Muslim (though not necessarily practicing), the patriarchate of Constantinople plays an important role for Eastern Orthodox Christians all over the world. The city offers many places of worship for other Christian denominations or people of Jewish faith. This freedom is partly due to Istanbul’s cosmopolitan and metropolitan character. It has always been a big city, experiencing a steady population growth since the 1940s. This demographic trend is partly due to many people from rural areas hoping to find a better life in the metropolis. This is why in 2012 the city had nearly 14 million inhabitants.

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29 Jun 2016