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Amsterdam, also known as the "Venice of the North", is the capital of the Netherlands and it is located in the coastal zone of the country.

Probably you heard of it thousand times because of: the Anne Frank a museum, its famous Red Light District, its highly acclaimed Coffee shops and the many great channels. It is a city with a very open mind and perfect for foreigners to adapt quickly.

 Amsterdam is the main business centre of the Netherlands and it is increasing the interest of many international companies for it, as well as having a very important position worldwide in the maritime sector, which has many job opportunities.

If you are a fan of independent film, this city hosts the World Cinema Festival Amsterdam. If your thing is more sports, you will not miss the great annual Marathon.

 If your idea is to look for a job, there are many job offers for people with medium-high English, German or French, level. Once there, it is best to find a good language school to learn Dutch.

 To get around it in your daily life you can do it by train, metro, tram or bus, and of course bikes. In case you did not know, this city is the cultural hub for urban bikes.

 The good thing about living in it is that despite having cold winters, it does not get very extreme. In the summer months you can enjoy good and warmer weather.

Experiences in Amsterdam

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Thumb default Eugenio

Canales que dan alegría

Me encanta Amsterdam, su ambiente, sus cafeterías, sus bicicletas, su gente y los expats que vivimos en ella!

29 Jun 2016
Thumb chica Teresa

La venecia del norte

Tuve la suerte de que me dieron el Erasmus a esta ciudad para estudiar, ya que es un destino muy solicitado jajaja .... Me queda otro año aquí porque he encontrado unas prácticas y también estoy estudiando inglés xdd Nos vemos por aquí

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29 Jun 2016
Thumb default Juan

born and raised here

be you a born and bred amsterdamer or an expats , amsterdam has plenty of thing going on.There are plenty of iconic characteristics about this city that please both tourists and citizens. The canals and historic neighbourhoods are certainly up there as Amsterdam’s most famous attractions, but they also make for a monumental environment in which to live and work. Travelling through the city centre, be it to work, school or to go shopping, is a pretty special experience and can brighten up any day. It can be as simple as the sun poking through grey clouds and casting beams across the canal, or noticing new details on that 400-year-old building you’ve walked past every day. If what you want is to work in Amsterdam , there are many industries growing fast and unemployment rates are one of the lowest in EU.

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29 Jun 2016
Thumb default Alicia

great city to live not everything is weed

Amsterdam is well known because of the coffeee shops with great products but that is not the only reason why you should live here, I was born and raise in this beautiful city ,Amsterdam is the home of Heineken, so of course you'll find some passionate beer drinkers here. You can tour the Heineken factory or visit smaller, local breweries if you're into craft brews.Amsterdam is known for its gorgeous 17th century canals. Walking along them and across their bridges is the perfect way to see the city. I could go on and on about this city but you have to try it

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29 Jun 2016