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Paris, considered by all as "the city of love”, It is the capital of France and It is located in the northern centre of the country.

Famous for its croissants, crepes, wines, foie or baguettes, this city will captivate you for a million reasons and not just for the gastronomic ones, it is one of the most visited cities worldwide, great if what you want is to look for a job or study there.

It is one of the most important economic centres in the world. The most important are the corporate and financial sectors.

The essential places you cannot miss in your stay are undoubtedly its fascinating Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, its amazing Moulin Rouge, the Cathedral of Notre Dam and walks along the Seine or the Champs Elysees.

For lovers of art, culture and fashion, this has been a very important cultural centre for western history and therefore has a multitude of art galleries, boutiques, very prestigious fashion, large libraries, theatres, operas with great history and museums.

Main transports in the city are excellent, as it has an outstanding public transport system where trains connect the meter and a dense network of bus routes.

The official language is French, and it is important you know a little bit of French if you come here looking for a job.

It has a semi continental weather, away from the coast oceanic climate, and it has relatively mild temperatures all year.

Experiences in Paris

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Thumb gocommunity Yasmin

París en Navidades

Viaje a París en 2010. La arquitectura de este lugar es exquisita y pasear por sus calles es un sueño. Aunque suene un tanto irónico, sus calles olían a melocotón. Viaje junto a mi pareja en Navidades. Las calles estaban llenas de luces y de parejas enamoradas comprando regalos para sus familiares. Fue una experiencia increíble. Volvería sin lugar a dudas y me encantaría vivir en una ciudad tan bonita como ésta.

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19 Mar 2017
Thumb default Emilia

from London to Paris BEST CHANGE EVER

I used to live in London, near Candem , great flat great job and great money, but even though London is spectacular, there is something strange about how impersonal it can be. I was 39 by the time I moved here, and found amazing quality life, amazing people and great food and culture. This is great !!!

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8 Mar 2017
Thumb default María

La ciudad del amor para todos

Acabo de llegar a París para trabajar en un proyecto de moda en la universidad algo parecido a un Erasmus y me encanta! Vivir aquí es bastante más caro que en España, pero realmente merece la pena!! xd

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29 Jun 2016
Thumb default celinette

all my life in paris

i have always lived in Paris, beautiful and full of good energy .I have my small pastry shop next to the Eiffel tower, so if anyone visiting come to celinette pastry :)i WOULD RECOMMEND THIS GRAT CITY TO LIVE, STUDY, FOR ANYTHING, YOU WILL ENJOY IT.

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29 Jun 2016