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Medium central square helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and has been considered by The Economist in 2014 as one of the top 10 cities in the world to live in, so there is no excuse for not giving a try to this beautiful city.

It is a cosmopolitan city with great job opportunities. And many young foreigners, who choose this destination each year for Erasmus or seek employment opportunities, finally extend their stay.

If Finnish or Swedish are new for you, you can get by with a good level of English.

This city has a fantastic public transport, and to go around the best choices are the subway, tram or train.

If you decide to visit, during your stay you cannot miss Soumelina Island, the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, the National Museum of Finland and its famous market.

Its official language is Finnish, and the vast majority of the population also has high skills in English or Swedish.

As good northern city winters are cold and heavy snow, and summers are cool but milder than in other northern areas.

Experiences in Helsinki

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Thumb default Joyce

Live and work

I would describe this place in two simple words: Quality Life!. If you are looking for a place to start your own life, to find a good job and you love winter, here you would find your home.

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19 Mar 2017
Thumb default Emilio

Gran calidad de vida

Finlandia es un país con una gran calidad de vida. Llevo un par de meses en Helsinki, y merece la pena la experiencia. Me gusta mucho el frío y me encantan los lagos, así que :)

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12 Jan 2017
Thumb default cassie

I came 4 years ago to study at uni

I came 4 years ago to study at uni, i have to say i like the place and the education has quite a good reputation but in my opinion is not the kind of place to stay all the life, probably only good for some years. I leave u an interesting video about the city ,

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29 Jun 2016