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Medellin, also known as the city of flowers and mountain, is the second largest city in Colombia and it is located in the Midwest of the country.

This fantastic Latin American city is one of the most popular destinations in the country for university exchange programmes and language learning, and it has some great job opportunities.

If what you're looking for is to study, continue or terminate your studies, this city has a large university supply, both public and private, as well as many centres, schools, colleges, professional schools and scientific and technological institutes.

You must visit the great Museum of Antioquia, the famous Barefoot Park and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The official language is Spanish, and our advice is that before starting your adventure you should find a good language school to get started or improve your skills.

To get around you can use: meter, metro cable and Metroplús.

Medellín has a tropical climate; it has warm temperatures almost every month of the year with warmer days in the summer, June and July, and colder in winter.

Experiences in Medellín

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El unico peligro es que te quieras quedar

Saben eso que dicen de que el unico peligro es que te quieras quedar, pues es real, no saben cuantos expats veo que al principio vienen de vacaciones y al final deciden quedarse. Y no sin razon Medellín es la ciudad colombiana con mejor calidad de vida, cuyas habitantes son los más conformes con sus servicios públicos, seguridad y educación.

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29 Jun 2016