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Perth is a very important city in Australia, it is located in the west of the country and it is a very multicultural city, with a wide variety of ethnics and cultures.

With a strong industrial, maritime and service economy, it is a famous destination for foreigners looking for job opportunities.

For lovers of culture and leisure, this city has museums, theatres and important galleries such: a as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the Black Swan State Theatre Company.

For those who are more adventurous and nature fans, you have the famous Kings Park, which is also one of the largest parks in the world, and the island Rottnest just a stone throw away by ferry, other amazing area is the Swan River where you can sail up to its fantastic beaches and practice some surf, scuba diving, windsurfing or kayaking.

Its official language is English, and to have a great adventure you will need good knowledge of the language hence you should look for a good language school.

To get around, the best options are by train and bus.

With a Mediterranean climate, winters are cool and rainy enough and summers, from December until March, are hot and dry.

Experiences in Perth

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Thumb default Mónica

Great place

I have to say living here had been my dream for the last 2 years, and i finally moved here to go to uni two years ago, i have found a little flat in the centre of the city, quite expensive but i am sharing it with other mate. I love the life here easy and relax. On the other hand there is always something to do and if what you like is party , this is your city , there are great places for uni students I would 100% recommend this place to anyone wether is a permanent decision or just for a period of your life. I am from melbourne and i do not feel homesick at all.

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29 Jun 2016
Thumb default stanley

it is the perfect place for summer or even to live

I went for 3 month to study English, Summer is a wonderful time to explore Perth and there are plenty of summer offers to choose from!

29 Jun 2016