Who is goCommunity?

It is a platform created to provide information of each city (community) and for the people to share experience from the point of view that matters, yours. These shared experiences are created by people who live or have lived in a city, making it the perfect tool if you need a change of city or you just want to shout to the world how good is it to live in your community.

What we do?

We provide you with a tool with as much information as possible, so that any changes or decisions in your life will be easier, either is moving to a new city or replacing your tv.
In goCommunity, as well as real experiences and blogs of original content, you will find: jobs, accommodation and worldwide classified adds. So it is the perfect place for you to start your new adventure or simply change the job that got you bored.

Que hacemos

How We Work?

In we work to give you information in order to make changes or decisions in life easier. We do it globally so you can use the site either to look for a flat in London today, or to change your job in New York.

Conoce más sobre nosotros

In our mission is to create communities in every city in the world, gathering information for users of, with a simple purpose: to make decisions and changes easier, wherever it is that you live or wherever you would like to.

At we provide all you need so any changes in your life are easier.

On our platform you can find shared experiences, job, housing, classified ads, thus having everything you need for the change you are preparing.

Because we want to create communities, we have provided you with our community area, a social section where you can communicate and ask information from people of different countries.

In, we work every day to give the best service and up to date information of all the cities.

We have noticed that sometimes the changes are difficult so we work hard to make life a little easier.

Our team does everything having the user at heart and we guarantee that we will not stop until you're happy with our services.

Our tools

In our job section you can find vacancies worldwide published every day. We have a variety of offers: some published by our users and other offers provided by our partners, this way we try to get you as many options as possible. If you are interested in jobs in a specific city or community you can subscribe to our alerts program, do not let go the opportunity of your life.

In our housing section you can find apartments, rooms and much more, anywhere in the world, with new housings postings every day. We have a variety of ads: some posted by users and other advertisements provided by our partners, this way we try to get you as many options as possible . It is not just looking for a property, in we want you to find your home!

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Passionate about new technologies, travelling, marketing and sales, always looking for new projects and ideas, he has lived abroad since 2012, currently in Brighton (UK).



Lover of technology, design, web programming and photography. Tenacious, meticulous, dreamer. Expat looking for new challenges outside of Spain since 2012, first in UK and now in Malta.



Passionate about advertising, marketing, digital communication and blogger; and ,of course, she is a travelling lover and expat, who is living her own adventure on the Isle of Wight (UK).

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